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Hearing Them Talk About Us with Mr. Robot Rewind

Wow! For an episode that has little to no time with the title character, this one still kept us on the edge of our seats! And it gave CTO Corey Nachreiner a TON to analyze for hackuracy in his Mr. Robot Rewind column on GeekWire. As always, our lips are not sealed about spoilers, so make […] Read More - Hearing Them Talk About Us with Mr. Robot Rewind

Security Updates by The Editor
Critical iOS 0days – Daily Security Byte

If you use iOS, you should update immediately. Researchers have uncovered a very targeted, politically motivated attack campaign that leverages three Apple iOS zero day vulnerabilities to allow attackers to completely hijack your iPhone. Though...

Security Updates by Corey Nachreiner
Lessons from DEFCON 2016 – Bypassing Captive Portals

At this year’s DEFCON, security engineer Grant Bugher gave a presentation on bypassing captive portals. Being DEFCON, the talk was geared towards individuals attempting to circumvent the portals, but IT professionals can use the information to...

Security Updates by Marc Laliberte
Epic Credentials Dump

Epic Games, known for Unreal Tournament and the Unreal Engine game development platform, announced on Monday that the discussion forums for several of their games were compromised. Epic noted that, while attackers obtained email addresses and...

Security Updates by Marc Laliberte
Doing Time with Mr. Robot Rewind

Although he tells us that it’s worlds better than this silly scene from NCIS, WatchGuard CTO Corey Nachreiner has a couple of things that he thinks could have been more hackurate in this episode of his Mr. Robot Rewind column. We also FINALLY...

Security Updates by The Editor
Looking for Your Daily Security Byte Fix? We’ve got you covered!

Missing your Daily Security Bytes? Never fear – we’ve got suggestions for what to watch to get you through this brief hiatus, #TBT style. They may not be very old, but they are definitely posts you don’t want to miss. Beware Random USB Sticks:...

Security Updates by The Editor
Three times cybercriminals weren’t expecting vigilant “victims” to hack back

With the prevalence of cyber scams and phishing schemes, it was only a matter of time before the bad actors ran into the wrong people on the other end of the keyboard. Here are a few examples of how would-be victims turned the tables on...

Security Updates by The Editor
NSA Equation Group Exploit Leak, What Does It Mean to You?

On Saturday, a hacking group calling themselves “The Shadow Brokers” announced via Twitter that they successfully hacked into the server of an NSA-backed group and dumped all of their exploit tools. The Shadow Brokers published a small set of...

Security Updates by Marc Laliberte
Hackurately Enslaving the FBI in Mr. Robot Rewind

The Mr. Robot team is back in full cyberheist mode, complete with period accurate flashbacks and Darlene incognito. Some of Corey Nachreiner’s hackuracy concerns from his Mr. Robot Rewind column in Geekwire last week were put to rest in this...

Security Updates by The Editor
WatchGuard Network Discovery

Network Discovery. This new service performs a complete network scan to generate a visual map of every connected device, providing Firebox administrators total visibility into all assets on their network.

WatchGuard Online