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An Explosive End to Season 2 of Mr. Robot

Mr. Robot season two ended with a bang. In the show’s typical fashion, when the screen faded to black, we were left with more questions than answers. But now there’s a seemingly endless stretch of time to contemplate them before the story resumes next summer. Is this the end for Elliot? What is Angela really up […] Read More - An Explosive End to Season 2 of Mr. Robot

Security Updates by The Editor
iOS 10 Backup Vulnerability – Daily Security Byte

Researchers at Elcomsoft, a forensic company that specializes in password cracking, have learned of a new vulnerability that makes iOS 10’s backups easier to crack. Apple’s iTunes backups are designed with mechanisms that make password cracking...

Security Updates by Corey Nachreiner
Tesla Hacked Again – Daily Security Byte

Researchers have figured out how to remotely hack a car yet again. This time a Chinese security team called Keen found a vulnerability in Tesla’s onboard computer and entertainment system. If an attacker can trick a Tesla owner into connecting to...

Security Updates by Corey Nachreiner
Classifying the Security Market by Customer Needs, not Acronyms

The information security market has grown dramatically in the last decade, and there are no signs of it slowing down. In fact, Cybersecurity Ventures estimates that the worldwide cybersecurity market grew from $3.5 billion in 2004 to $75 billion...

Security Updates by Prakash Panjwani
Examining Yahoo’s Massive Data Breach on Q13 FOX

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably know that Yahoo confirmed this Thursday that roughly 500 million user accounts have been compromised as a result of one of the largest data breaches in history. Our very own Corey Nachreiner...

Security Updates by The Editor
Street Fighter V System Privilege Escalation

Gamers who own a copy of Street Fighter V may want to hold off on installing Thursday afternoon’s update. CAPCOM (the game’s developer) announced that the update includes a new anti-crack solution to help combat cheating. The anti-crack solution...

Security Updates by Marc Laliberte
A New Take on The Cyber Kill Chain

Security professionals use models to map the stages of cybersecurity attacks. The Cyber Kill Chain is a process developed by Lockheed Martin that outlines several key steps threat analysts can use to identify key points in an attack where the...

Security Updates by The Editor
Bank Security from the Hacker’s Point of Veiw

On Thursday morning, The Next Web published an article titled How to think like a hacker, describing several security strategies employed by ABN AMRO, a bank based out of the Netherlands. Once you get past the memes and gifs, you’ll find the four...

Security Updates by Marc Laliberte
Back to School Security Hacks: How College Students Can Protect Their Personal Data on Campus

As college students all across the country head back to school, most of them will probably be worrying about their classes, grade point average and making new friends. They probably won’t be thinking about how to keep their personal data safe...

Security Updates by The Editor
WatchGuard Protects London’s Ritz Hotel

Given the nature of its clientele, it is vital for The Ritz Hotel London to protect its information security and its guests’ personal data. To help achieve that, the hotel has installed WatchGuard firewalls, giving IT Manager Richard Isted and his small team the confidence of knowing exactly what data is passing through their network. “Ultimately at The Ritz, we are trusted by our guests,” Richard said. “Our brand is key to our business so ensuring we maintain our prestigious reputation is...

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