Setup Thunderbird with BromleyMail Smartermail XMPP

Configuring XMPP Smartermail Chat With Thunderbird

In this example we will show Bromleymail XMPP Service, but the process is very similar for Facebook, Twitter, Google Talk and XMPP.

Start the New Account Wizard

At the top of the Thunderbird window, click on the File menu, then click New and then click Chat Account...:

Enter Username

Use your Full email Address as your username

Enter Password

Enter the email password for the service to run

Enter Local Alias

This will be displayed when you talk to people.

Expand XMPP Options

Now select connection security " Allow sending the password unencrypted"

For XMPP, you will have to enter your XMPP server name, e.g.

Port 5222 is required

Click Next

Select Connect this account now and press finish

Use the Chat Tab to start and join conversations

Click on the Chat Tab next to the Write Tab to start and join conversations. 

Like any other type of Thunderbird account (e.g. email and RSS), Chat is integrated with search.

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