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Dr0wned Attack- Daily Security Byte

Can you imagine a future where cyber attacks target our manufacturing processes and cause machines to break or vehicles to crash? The researchers at an Israeli university can, and they describe one such scenario in a recent paper about the...

Security Updates by Corey Nachreiner
Guest Wi-Fi Can Measurably Improve Customer Engagement for Brick and Mortar Businesses

Brick and mortar companies that want to access the same level of customer insights as online shops need look no further than their own Wi-Fi networks. Advancements in Wi-Fi engagement and analytics tools can unlock goldmines of data on customer...

Security Updates by Michelle Welch
Without Classification, WIPS Can’t Truly “Prevent” Anything

Modern organizations understand that providing safe and reliable Wi-Fi is now a basic requirement for serving customers and doing business. So why do so many companies struggle with the “safe” part of Wi-Fi? The rapid proliferation of wireless...

Security Updates by Jason Vendramin
SSHowDowN IoT Attack – Daily Security Byte

Over the past few weeks, we learned about an Internet of Things (IoT) botnet that launched at least two huge distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks. We also learned about the botnet software that attackers used to infect these devices. Now...

Security Updates by Corey Nachreiner
Microsoft’s October 0day Patches – Daily Security Byte

Don’t let “security fatigue” lull you into skipping Patch Day. With its cyclical nature, Microsoft’s (and Adobe’s) Patch Day might seem overwhelming at times, since it reoccurs so regularly. However, patching is one of the most practical ways you...

Security Updates by Corey Nachreiner
Windows Troubleshooting Malware – Daily Security Byte

Document-based malware is not new, but it’s getting more effective. Recently, researchers have found attackers leveraging a legitimate Windows feature to make their document-based attacks more successful. In this video, I explain how this new...

Security Updates by Corey Nachreiner
Google Set to Give Public Wi-Fi Networks a Makeover, But What About Security?

In the wake of Google’s announcement of Google Station, WatchGuard’s Director of Strategic Alliances Ryan Orsi, had a few thoughts about the security risks that accompany public Wi-Fi networks and how some wireless network management tools may...

Security Updates by The Editor
Lizard Squad Members Charged – Daily Security Byte

Lizard Squad is a “hacktivist” group that targets game companies, mostly with distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks. I’ve covered some of their hijinks in previous videos. This week, we have some good news. Authorities have identified and...

Security Updates by Corey Nachreiner
Finding Malware in an HTTPS Haystack

Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) is a basic security measure that encrypts website traffic to ensure the safety of user data. But what happens when encryption is used as a camouflage for threats instead? According to a recent report by...

Security Updates by The Editor
WatchGuard T70 Leads the Pack with UTM and HTTPS Throughput Performance

WatchGuard is known for pushing the boundaries of power and performance of UTM network security appliances. The new Firebox T70 represents another huge step forward for what our customers can expect from a tabletop appliance. Now, midsize businesses and distributed enterprises can benefit from the strongest, highest performing tabletop appliance available in the market. In fact, when we saw the performance results of the T70 we almost didn’t believe it ourselves. WatchGuard selected Miercom...

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